What is Jewish Sauce Boss?

The most frequently asked question, answered.

What is Jewish Sauce Boss? The essence of Jewish Sauce Boss can only be captured in the energy that Will Edelstein brings to cannabis, and to life itself. Let’s break it down, starting with “Jewish.”

For many, the word evokes ritual, tradition, a sacred spiritual connection—many attributes that can also be said of cannabis. “Sauce” evokes a certain type of style, swagger, and confidence—the way many of us proudly wear our Judaism, or love for cannabis upon our sleeve. And lastly, “boss”—one who doesn’t settle, a person who knows what they want, a go getter. Put altogether, JSB, grown out of Jewish values of tikkun olam (making the world a better place) is a service to folks interested in cannabis, initiating us into the industry, and helping us develop and understand our own ritualistic relationship to the plant—whether that’s using cannabis for wellness, for focus, or for recreation, that’s up to you; you’re the boss.

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