3 Habits for Success

The Boss weighs in.

The simplest things in life are usually the hardest things to do consistently.  During a lunch seminar in 2019 I had the opportunity to hear the CEO of Herr’s Foods (potato chips) speak to a large group of people about his story and journey in life and business.  Jim Herr had a lot of amazing advice that day for everyone and the most important thing he said to do is as follows:

  1. Get Rest
  2. Eat Well
  3. Exercise Regularly

I thought to myself the CEO of a potato chip company is telling me to exercise and eat well?  I continued to listen and began to understand why he believed in these 3 habits more than anything else.

Without the proper rest, no one performs to the best of their ability.  A tired mind does not see opportunity and makes mistakes. A rested mind is observant and ready to solve problems.

Shitty food and a poor diet certainly won’t help you become better at anything.  Being thoughtful about what is put into your body is important for what you hope to get out of it.  Remember you are what you eat!

Through the practice of regular exercise, it allows the mind body and soul to receive the required energy to operate at full potential and remain healthy.

The ability to accomplish these three simple tasks each day is what will separate someone from the pack.  It builds the accountability and ownership to hold yourself to a high standard. When you’re able to master the simple things in life it makes it much easier to handle the complex situations that arise.

I’ll add one more habit to enhance the chances of your success.  That habit of self-love and positive self-talk to always accept yourself as you are.  Love is the ultimate super power. 

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