New Beginnings: Welcome to the new

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Over the years I have come to realize that 4/20 – the date itself and industry-wide holiday – holds such a varying significance to people all around the world. To many it’s simply a day to spark up and pay homage to the most powerful plant we may ever know. To those that have paved the way for leganization, today is an opportunity to hold space for history and celebrate the progress we’ve come to make over these last few decades.

For me, 4/20 is all of that and more. It has been an incredible experience to watch as the holiday has evolved over the years. It’s been even more incredible to stand beside the dozens of advocates using our voices and public platforms to lead the charge towards furthering the legalization of cannabis. Each of us backed by a common purpose: to chip away at the stigma, widespread injustice, and work together to educate those fighting in-favor of the opposition. 

We’ve come a long way. And, today, we’re going one step further: I am very excited to share with you a first look at the new

I first founded to serve as a keystone to all of my initiatives. I wanted a digital sandbox, where I could launch new projects. I wanted a digital soapbox, where I could share new ideas to a growing audience. I wanted a digital mailbox, where like-minded advocates and enthusiasts could find me, get in touch, and ignite collaboration. And, just as those projects, ideas, and relationships have evolved year-after-year so has the site’s focus, content, and power.

The launch of this new iteration of marks a major milestone for all of us. Today, we’re deepening (and broadening!) the conversation on the impact that cannabis (and other mediums) have on our lives and the lives of those around us. Today, we’re opening the door to far more powerful collaborations with a number of partners – and I cannot wait to introduce you to them. And, today, we’re starting a new phase into the infinite evolution of more and more user-oriented features and content streams to come. (Keep an eye out for my podcast and new video content, coming very soon!)

This message comes from the bottom of my heart: I want to thank you, personally, for being here. And, I want you to know that your connection to- and support of- and engagement with this brand is a deeply meaningful one – to me. And the development of this site is a continuous and infinite labor of love to all of the people that work to amplify its messaging. So, thank you.

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