The Performance and Endurance Enhancing Benefits of Cannabis in Sports

How does cannabis work to maximize human endurance and spike recovery times? Find out.

For years, we’ve heard of athletes using nearly any advantage they can find to excel on the field, from training at higher altitudes to taking banned substances. Wanting to avoid damage to their bodies or careers, many athletes are finding a more natural remedy to alleviate pain, enhance focus, and clear the mind. And they’re finding it… in cannabis!

Cannabis has long been used as a tool to keep one focused on the task at hand, whether it be writing, playing music, or even something as simple as going for a long walk. Cannabis helps to clear the mind and bring a sense of calm to the user, a feeling that’s especially helpful in potential pressure-cooker moments, like before a big game.

Despite the fact that 101 of 123 teams across the four major sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) play in states where the consumption of cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes is legal, many of these leagues are behind the times on cannabis legislation. Only one league- the National Hockey League- does not mandate any tests for THC, and while the NFL recently eliminated suspensions for cannabis usage, there is still much work to be done in the world of pro sports.

Cannabis is an incredibly effective tool for athletes of all stature, from the superstar pro to the backyard quarterback. Moderate doses of THC and CBD strains allow athletes to get “in the zone” and enjoy elevated levels of focus by cutting out distractions. Of course, being able to find that blissful clearing of the mind is a practice independent of consuming marijuana, but many find that cannabis is a welcome aid in zeroing in on the game. No matter whether you’re running routes on the gridiron or just getting a lift in after work, the healing properties of cannabis lend well to getting in the zone and playing sports.

Have you tried using cannabis before a workout? Know someone who could benefit from medical cannabis? Let us know in the comments below!

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