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Why Cannabis Can Be Good For You

There are many detractors of Cannabis, who say it is nothing more than a gateway drug, while the other half of the spectrum seems to believe it can be the gateway to prolonged health benefits and the longevity one is looking for. When something has people so far on both sides of the fence, it can be hard to grasp what is right, or wrong, especially in states like Pennsylvania or New Jersey, where laws are ever-changing and the information around Cannabis, Cannabis Advertising, Laws, and everything else, seems to oscillate daily.

With that being said, there are many benefits to marijuana and some that you should look into. Here are three of the main benefits I find from cannabis usage that help me get through my day and why I think Cannabis as medicine is more realistic than any other information being put into our news streams.

  1. It helps reduce anxiety. There is no day or night for anxiety, it can come and go as it pleases, but having marijuana at your disposal will make sure you have a way to combat it at all times. One recent study uncovered that cannabis medicine, specifically CBD, could benefit people experiencing anxiety and sleep disorders, with over 80% of the study reporting improvement in their anxiety and 60% reporting better sleep.
  2. Cannabis helps the body regulate insulin, which having an imbalance, can lead to weight gain. Many people believe that cannabis gives users munchies and can lead to weight gain, but in general, people who use cannabis are linked to having lower BMI than those who do not partake in its usage.
  3. Cannabis has been shown to help your brain. The cannabinoid delta-9-THC has shown the most promise in regards to boosting brain health, along with CBD. There are many ongoing studies, but they are all showing positive results, with CBD Oils being used on those with Parkinson’s, for example, with positive results.

The main takeaway should be that everything we’ve been taught about this magical plant, since the War on Drug commercials and our parents telling us it is turning our brain into a fried egg–might have been wrong. Science is starting to really come around on medical marijuana at the same time the legalization around the country is, so it’s as good a time as ever to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in your state on and start your journey today.

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