New Mexico Now Offers Digital Medical Cannabis Cards

Effective January 1st, 2023, the New Mexico Department of Health has added anxiety disorder as a qualifying condition to gain medical marijuana access–as well as expanding their online services for medical cannabis patients.

The Department of Health is now offering digital cannabis cards that can be used for purchase in stores, instead of always having to carry the physical one with you. Last year, the state created an online Patient Portal for medical cannabis, and now patients can use it to access their medicine.

This is a wildly inventive and smart idea, making the entire process less of a hassle for everyone involved, from buying to budtender. More states will start to take notice of this practice and you can expect a lot of others to follow suit.

If you are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and want to learn more about how you can qualify for medical marijuana, or if a friend or family member can qualify, head on over to and find out how you can qualify!

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