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The Uptick in Cannabis and Food

How has cannabis infused itself into the food and beverage industry?

It is no surprise that with the widespread acceptance and oftentimes legalization of cannabis, there would be different ways to enjoy it. The influence of edibles, or food with marijuana oil or butter cooked into it, is becoming all of the rages, with sponsored dinners, featuring 7-course marijuana-infused meals, over-the-counter gummies and chocolates at dispensaries becoming best sellers and everyone asking about edibles becoming the noise that the industry is hearing.

Many bigger companies–yes the Nabisco and Krafts of the world–are waiting for the federal legalization of Marijuana, but do not be surprised to see “CBD Cookies” and “5MG infused Fudge Rounds” in 5-10 years from now. People are no longer wanting to ingest smoke and if there is a way for the FDA to make money from cannabis as well, you best believe they are going to do so.

It’s important to educate yourself, though, to make sure that the products you are eating are the right dosage for how you are trying to medicate yourself. 10MG of cannabis does not do the same thing to everyone–some people need 100MG to have the same feeling that 10MG may give someone else. It is for that reason that you try everything with a grain of caution and openness.
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