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What Is ‘Medical’ About Marijuana?

Looking At The Medical Components Of “Medical Marijuana”

People often question the medical validity of marijuana, oftentimes stating that people just want an excuse to get high without having to face the repercussions of the law. The truth is, medical marijuana has some incredible medicinal effects, so much in fact, if you haven’t looked into and get your medical marijuana card in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you should do so now.

It isn’t just anxiety we’re talking about, or a sore back. The ailments that cannabis can help with almost seem endless. From Arthritis to Parkinson’s, medical marijuana can be the answer. So much of the stigma that the medicine faces are based off of false advertising and fear mongering in the 1970s and 1980s when big tobacco felt the weight coming down on them. Marijuana is here to help you, not hurt you.

From cancer patients to helping heal broken bones with healthier blood flow, the studies being done around the medical benefits of marijuana are endless and seemingly, will never stop being conducted. It is time, though, to come into a 21st century view with the way that we all view this plant and truly view it as medicine, made legal to treat our ailments, and not some supplement to slow our lives down.

So, to answer the original question–everything is medical about marijuana. It is a plant that is designed to heal. It will make your anxiety shrink, your stiffness and soreness subside and even help with neurological issues. The studies are still being done, but the early returns strongly suggest that medical marijuana really is the wave of the future and future care.

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