5 Vibey Albums that Complement Cannabis

Music and cannabis is a duo as time honored as peanut butter and jelly.

Cannabis can really help you melt into the music and enjoy it for what it truly is. Obviously these are my opinions but I believe these are the five best albums to listen to while using cannabis. 

Rumors – Fleetwood Mac

An all time classic, Fleetwood Mac will always leave you speechless. The incredible harmonies, cool southern-rock vibes, and the always amazing Stevie Nicks make this album a must listen for not only cannabis users, but all music lovers.

Blonde – Frank Ocean

Feeling down? This album is possibly the most cathartic set of songs for anyone ‘going through it.’ Frank Ocean’s vocals can bring a tear to even the toughest of eyes and the production on the album is other worldly. This is one of the few albums in the world I can confidently say has no bad songs.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

This album is one that really lends itself to pairing with cannabis. The layers of harmony and guitar create a sort of ethereal sound that is only elevated with cannabis. This is a great choice if you are going to listen outside.

A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory

If you want to get shit done while using cannabis, I recommend ATCQ. Their relaxed yet groovy cadence is the perfect soundtrack to a productive day. It is fun enough to listen to on its own but laid back enough that it can be background music to your day. It is a truly versatile album. 

GoldLink – At What Cost

If you want to dance and get hype, this is the album for you. GoldLink has a truly one of a kind mix of EDM/electronica and rap that makes his music so damn fun. You can’t help but get up and jump around when this album is playing.

Written by Zeke Winitsky

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