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How Packing & Design In Cannabis Are Becoming The Most Important Thing

With Marijuana companies trying their best to differentiate themselves from one another, it’s starting to become an arms race, not of who can produce the best cannabis, but who can hire the best graphic designers and copywriters.

When trying to create your own medical marijuana or marijuana lifestyle brand, it is important to remember that a brand is a promise–it isn’t a slogan, package, or name. It is a promise that results in benefits for the user. Consistency, persistence, and finding the USP–unique selling proposition, are what make or break some of these brands.

Time after time, clean, simple branding seems to win out in the cannabis space. Consumers want to know what they are putting in their bodies and feel like they are in an episode of “Weeds” while they are doing it–high class, carefree, and “cool”. The packaging and wording is what go towards creating these feelings and can be the difference between selling and not selling.

 Even a company like Cookies goes for it with their strain names, collaborating with former basketball player Gary Payton to release a strain, literally called “Gary Payton” or releasing their famous “Lemonade” strain–it isn’t about the product itself, but the promise and feeling it gives consumers and how the brand leaves them feeling.

It is something worth considering if you are thinking of starting your own marijuana lifestyle brand. Packaging and verbiage are what separate the great from the good in this industry.

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