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Utah To Ban Synthetic Cannabinoids

But, why?

Patient advocacy groups have been urging Utah’s Department of Agriculture & Food to ban synthetic cannabinoids from medical marijuana sold in their state–and it appears that their wish is going to be granted, based on movements within the State of Utah’s judicial system.

Many people have complained about using medical marijuana for things such as lower back pain or to help with sleep, but getting adverse effects from the synthetic materials in their vape cartridges. After the uproar, the Utah State Legislature has required that medical cannabis products be clearly labeled to notify patients if they contain synthetic cannabinoids. 

From the mouth of Christine Stenquist, the founder of “Together For Responsible Use and Cannabis Education”– “It was the state’s responsibility to appropriately label these products as safe for human consumption. There’s not enough evidence to support these degradants are safe for human consumption”–and many feel the same way she does.

In all, it’s a positive step for the legalization of medical marijuana and the stigma surrounding it. The safer that the country and individual states can make products, the more people will start to view cannabis as a legitimate medicine, nothing more, nothing less. Clearly labeling packaging and trying to make the product as natural as possible are big steps to doing so.

If you are curious about whether you qualify for a medical marijuana card in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you should go to–where you will be walked through everything, and maybe soon enough, you can partake in this debate with an informed side, as well.

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