The Potency of Street Cannabis is Up 11%

Recently, a report from Washington State has said that, over the last fifteen years, the potency of marijuana purchased from street dealers has jumped over 11%, which can lead to greater risks of use and psychoactive episodes, oftentimes in young kids, or adults who do not want that intense of a high.

Even though Washington has been one of the most, if not the most, progressive states for Marijuana legalization, some are wondering, how much is too much? With many products that are legal pushing 25% and up for flower, and 90% and up for concentrate, at what point is it going past medical purposes and having a potentially harmful effect? 

Many of those that are using stronger concentrated cannabis end up calling poison control hotlines, or the hospital–not knowing what they are getting themselves into.  The market has made cannabis a commodity and marketable product, the same as a PS5 or a MacBook–meaning that each new product is supposed to be better, stronger, and more effective–but at what point is it too much, for some users?

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