Tranquil Tokers: Conscious Consumption and Elevated Yoga

Presented by: High Yoga NYC

In collaboration with Jewish Sauce Boss and Blaze.

Join HIGH YOGA NYC in our Philly debut for an immersive journey into mindful movement and conscious consumption with our Tranquil Tokers yoga class and sound bath. Suitable for all levels and participants aged 21 and over, this unique experience offers a holistic approach to yoga, emphasizing the connection between breath, movement, and intentional consumption.

Class is led by experienced and certified instructor and Founder of HIGH YOGA NYC, Emily Fabs in coloration with JSB. HIGH YOGA blends the principles of Hatha yoga with conscious consumption practices, allowing participants to explore ways to enhance their consumption experiences while cultivating mindfulness and presence on and off the mat.

All attendees will receive special activations provided for everyone by Blaze to take their yoga experience to knew HIGGHSSSSSSSS.

In our Tranquil Tokers class, we prioritize the connection with ourselves over perfecting postures. Through mindful movement, breath-work, and sound bath experiences, participants will learn to ground themselves, finding balance and tranquility in the present moment.

Our consumption-friendly environment allows participants the option to elevate their experience during the entire session, offering a safe and supportive space for exploration and self-discovery.

Discover the transformative power of yoga and conscious consumption with Tranquil Tokers. Elevate your practice, connect with your inner self, and experience a deeper sense of presence and well-being.

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