Pharmacopeia Releases Cannabis Toolkits to Help Industry Consistency

The USP released a free Cannabis Tool Kit to provide resource guides and standards, to help regulators, industry researchers, and consumers develop a framework for consistent characterization of medical cannabis, state by state.

Oftentimes, in different states, different testing methods are used, with different percentages needing to be achieved and benchmarks needing to be hit for proper usage and selling potential.

The Cannabis Testing Tool from Pharmacopeia includes Identity and Nomenclature, Composition, Limits for Contaminants, Validation of Analytical Testing, Reference Standards to Identify Constituents, Sampling Considerations, and Labeling and Packaging. All of this is being done in an effort to streamline and make all cannabis-selling uniform in legal or medical states, so that everyone can know they are getting the same product that passed the same tests, no matter where they may be located.

If you are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and want to learn more about how you can qualify for medical marijuana, or if a friend or family member can qualify, head on over to and find out how you can qualify!

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