Un-Authorized Marijuana Shops In New York

With Marijuana laws softening and shops soon slated to open in New York City, securing a license to sell is like having a golden ticket right now, with what is soon to be an exploding market. The only problem? The growth in “blackmarket” or under the table marijuana shops are threatening to shut down the fun for everyone.

Yuri Krupitsky has applied for one of these legal selling paperwork documents, but the rise in these “obvious but illegal” cannabis shops is threatening his future business and his current bottom line. He has to wait out state government, while the next man is just selling already, establishing a customer base and taking food off of his table.

As a result, New York State is considering speeding up the process and awarding some of these dispensary licenses to entrepreneurs and nonprofit groups, a major step that comes as cannabis regulators stress on how they can stop the illegal selling “Pot Bodegas” from continuing to infringe on legal markets.

To find out how to legally obtain your medical marijuana card in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, go on over to where we can show you how to get your medical marijuana card–so you do not have to worry about any laws or legislations hurting your enjoyment and relief from the medicine that you deserve.

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