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Pennsylvania And Fully Legalized Cannabis In 2023

For PA to fully legalize marijuana in 2023, a few things have to happen. First and foremost, an overhauling of the medical program has to occur–as currently, the number of doctors and patients allowed within the program are greatly limited. From there, the state needs to promote full decriminalization and DUI protections.

We also wrote an article about the employment rules surrounding marijuana testing and having that change for the better is also a huge step that needs to occur for the laws to change.

If you can vote, make sure you get our there and get your voice heard on the ballot. Now that the house majority has switched, Josh Shapiro believes that it will be easier to fully legalize, but only time will tell.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can obtain your medical marijuana card in PA or NJ, head on over to  and book an appointment.

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