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Penn State Students Develop App That Shows How Cannabinoids Interact

In recent Marijuana studies, some new information is being found. At Penn State, a new web-based application is being developed that could help pharmacists and researchers improve their care, through medical cannabis and their prescribing power.

CANNabinoid Drug Interaction REview (CANN-DIR) is a web-based, free resource that evaluates cannabinoid products, like Delta-9, CBD or a combination of THC and CBD, in a single database, against a common over-the-counter medicine, to see how they interact with one another.  Patients can then look at how specific cannabinoids are helping the exact ailments they are suffering from and if the strain they could acquire would help them just as much, if not more, than the over-the-counter painkillers or acetaminophen would–and if they take cannabis in conjunction with other medicine, what the outcome might be.
The main goal of CANN-DIR is to provide healthcare providers with an additional resource to improve patient safety, by reducing unintended drug-drug interactions. The research for this project was supported by the PA Options For Wellness.

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