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MMJ Patient Certification FAQs

How do I get my medical marijuana card through Jewish Sauce Boss?

Patients must begin the process by submitting the new patient inquiry form available at JewishSauceBoss.com/clinic. (You must have already applied for and received your Patient ID Number through the Department of Health! Please remember to use ALL CAPS when completing this documentation.) On receipt of that information (to us) we’ll deploy an email with an invitation to schedule your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, you’ll simply use the One-Tap connectivity information to enter the digital meeting room where you’ll be met by one of the Jewish Sauce Boss doctors who will assess your qualifications for entry into the Department of Health’s medical marijuana patient program. Connectivity is powered by Google Meet/Hangouts.

How much does the certification process cost through Jewish Sauce Boss?

The first-time certification fee, for entry into the medical marijuana patient program, is $165. Our annual recertification fee is $85 to maintain your enrollment in the program. It’s important to note, the Department of Health assesses a separate processing fee of $50 to all certification/recertification requests, payable by the patient.

Do I need my medical records to complete the certification process?

Medical records of any kind will certainly aide in the recommendation process, however, if you’ve not been to a primary care physician in quite some time or are having difficulty locating and providing those documents you can explain the case in detail in our application.

How do I actually book my appointment?

You’ll receive an automated confirmation email with a link and instructions to schedule your appointment and process payment, following receipt of the New Patient Intake Form. You must initiate the process by submitting this form.

What is the availability for appointments at Jewish Sauce Boss?

Patients are accommodated on a first-come/first-served basis, with fluctuating availability, Monday through Friday from 9a until 9p, Eastern Standard Time. 

I haven’t received an invitation or link to book my appointment. What should I do?

Please allow up to one hour for your information to be processed via the digital application. If, after one hour, you still don’t hear from us with a link to schedule your appointment, please email us directly at clinic@jewishsauceboss.com. 

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