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Marijuana Advocacy, After The Vote

How Marijuana Laws and Legislation Looks After The November 8th Vote

On November 8th, many states voted for legalizing marijuana, or marijuana-related legislations that will further help their given state legalize and help them afford medical care. Many states also feature confusing laws, where it will be legal for adults to possess and ingest cannabis, but it could take up to a year before they can legally buy it, such as in Missouri.

In Maryland, residents have to wait even longer–until the middle of next year–before a recreational marijuana measure that was approved on the November 8th ballot actually takes into law.

This is important to note, because just the fact that your state legalized marijuana or made it available for medicinal use on the November 8th vote, doesn’t mean that things snap into change overnight. These laws can take a while to fully change and the people who enforce them are fully aware of that, so know your rights, depending on what state you are in and make sure that, even if a law was passed to legalize the use of marijuana, that you check the dates that it goes into actual effect.
If you are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and are curious about obtaining your medical marijuana card, go on over to where you can get all checked out and see if you qualify to move on to the next step of the process in obtaining your legal right to use the medicine that you deserve.

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